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    03rd - 08th JULY 2022

  • 100 Teams

    8 Categories

  • 18 Countries

    4 Continents

  • Largest Italian Tournament

    Boys & Girls

  • Adriatic Riviera

    Riccione - Rimini - Misano

  • Aquafan

    The biggest italian water park


    Unesco Heritage

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Program & Rules




Sunday, July 03rd - Arrival at the tournament headquarter for the check-in (Tournament headquarter located in Via Rancaglia - Serravalle - San Marino Republic by Multieventi Sport Domus building). The team will get all the information and documents to participate in the event.

Remember to bring with you Players' Passports in order to check the age! (All the teams must be at the check-in no later than 08.00 pm).

Final transfer to your selected hotel and check-in.


Monday, July 04th - After breakfast, today start the qualification games according to your games schedule. Leisure time during the day depending on your tournament schedule.

Tonight: Opening ceremony at 09.30 pm.


Tuesday, July 05th - After breakfast, qualification games continue in the morning and in the afternoon, depending on your tournament calendar.


Wednesday, July 06th - Tournament games.


Thursday, July 07th - During all the day last quarter finals and semi-final games for all categories according to your games schedule.

Tonight at 09.30 p.m. the San Marino Cup tournament disco will open. It is reserved for all boys and girls attending the tournament (special entry for owners of Super Card).


Friday, July 8th - After breakfast, check-out hotel and final games per each category in the morning and in the early afternoon.

At the end of all finals, prize-giving ceremony with medals for all players and trophies for winners of each category.











  • Note 1: flying substitutions are not allowed.
  • Note 2: players replaced during the game cannot re-enter during the same match.
  • Note 3: maximum 24 players can be listed per team (except Cat A - 7 a-side - that are 18 Players in the list).
  • Note 4: maximum 7 substitutions are allowed per game per team.
  • Note 5: a player can play with more teams registered in different categories (max in 2 categories), but not with more teams playing in the same category (We need to be informed in advance about this and prepare a special dispensation for these players).
  • Note 6: except the Cat A and Cat B, girls can't play with boys teams and boys with girls teams. Girls are able to play with boys only in the A Category without limit of numbers (and max 1 year older than Boys) and in the B category with a limit of 3 Girls players and same age of Boys (not older).
  • Note 7: additional note from the tournament office: maximum 3 overage players (max 1 year older - born on the previous year) are allowed to play at the same time during a game (only 2 for the A Category 7 a-side). You can bring as many overage players as you want, but only 3 players can play simultaneously in the playing field.
  • Note 8: Each player T-Shirt need to have the number on the back.
  • Note 9: The Soccer pitches will be both natural grass and astroturf, bring with you the right footwear (You can't use Metal/Aluminium Studs on astroturf Pitches).
  • Note 10: For preliminary tournament matches, a person of your staff will do the linesman. The tournament organization will provide linesman only for finals.
  • Note 11: Age control: before arrival all players must confirm their age. We'll need to to check original Passport / Identity card during the tournament check-in. All teams are oblige to bring with them original Passport/ID to play tournament matches. No copies will be accepted (min. 4 matches guaranteed per team).


FAIR PLAY RULE - We inform clubs that the handshake between players and coaches of the two opponent teams before the beginning of the match will be considered a compulsory rule. 


Download the tournament rules in the MULTIMEDIA/DOWNLOAD section of our web-site.