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There are different options in the hotel category. We have a great selection of 2 stars, 3 stars, 3 stars superior, 4 stars and 5 stars hotels and all of them suitable to the team needs and budget.

Basic accommodation package includes 2 meals a day (breakfast and dinner). Breakfast and dinners are always served at the hotel and if you desire to include lunch we’ll provide the extra cost.

* Hotels will require 20 Euros per person as security deposit at the check-in.


How to reach the San Marino Cup

By bus 

Highway A14 – Rimini exit

By train

Rimini railway station

By plane

International airports:

Rimini airport 5 kms

Ancona airport 90 kms

Bologna airport 100 kms

Florence airport 220 kms

Venice airport 260 kms

Pescara airport 260 kms

Treviso airport 280 kms

Pisa airport 290 kms

Milan Linate airport 320 kms

Bergamo airport 350 kms

Milan Malpensa airport 380 kms

Rome airport 400 kms

* The tournament organization will provide transfer from / to Railway stations as well international airports at a special price. Ask for our prices list.

How to move during the San Marino Cup

1st Option – Rent your private bus

Teams can rent their own private bus for all the week in relation to their group size. It is a private bus service. Extra cost will be charged if the services go through 12h per day or 250 kms per day. For more information and costs ask a quote through our contact form.

Pls. remember that the bus driver can drive a maximum of 8 hours per day and the bus is available for 12 hours per day in total. If you arrange an excursion that is not included in your itinerary and which involves parking and city entry fees, these fees need to be paid by the group.

If you book private bus we strongly suggest to book also private guide on the bus.

2nd Option – Tournament Shuttle bus 

The tournament organization is able to provide the shuttle bus service. You’ll be able to reach the soccer fields and the events venues (opening ceremony, tournament disco and prize giving ceremony) at a very special price! Drivers / Busses can change every transfer. Please remember to take your bags when you get down the bus. The shuttle bus system only works as a transfer for the matches of your teams and tournament events, not for leisure or excursions or watch other teams you are not playing vs. For this services (Leisure and excursions) you must contact our transportation services.


San Marino Cup take place in the largest italian seaside resort, Rimini Riviera, as well as in the oldest republic in the world, San Marino.

The proximity to the sea, to the hills and the excellent climate that we have during this period, allows all participants to enjoy the beautiful beaches along the coast after their football/soccer matches and arrange a wide range of excursions for young and adults.

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07 Nights / 09 Days Trip

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08 Nights / 10 Days Trip

10 days tour - 2

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12 days tour

10 Nights / 12 Days Trip

14 days tour

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